5-Herb Kaiser Buns You Can Make At Home

While plain Kaiser buns are certainly delicious, it is really hard to beat flavored, herb-infused Kaiser buns. The best thing is, you can even make them at home. This recipe takes a few hours to prepare since you need to let the dough rise twice, but if you just follow along with the instructions, you will soon have delicious, 5-herb Kaiser buns you can use to make sandwiches or simply eat on their own alongside dinner.

Unpacking The Term "Flatbread" To Reveal Some Of Its Tasty Predecessors

Over the past few years, healthy eating has taken the forefront of the national culinary landscape, and one of the more noticeable advancements to come out of this health revolution is the emergence of the flatbread. This blanket term often refers simply to a pita or its derivative in many American markets, but the fact is that there are many globally diverse versions of the now-popular rising bread alternative. Here are a few predecessors to the flatbread that are worth checking out if you love pita sandwiches.